Use the General tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Component Status Properties dialog box to view status message threshold information for the selected Configuration Manager 2007 component.

This tab contains the following elements:


Displays the name of the selected component.
Threshold period:

Displays the time when threshold evaluation started. For example, if the threshold period is Since 01:00:00 and the informational messages threshold is set to 100 for Warning and 200 for Critical, then the component's status indicator is set to Warning whenever the component has reported between 100 and 199 informational status messages since 01:00:00 on any given day.
Status message thresholds

Displays the thresholds at which the Configuration Manager 2007 status system will report a status of Warning or Critical for the selected component. These thresholds can be set in the Thresholds tab of the Component Status Summarizer Properties dialog box.

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