There are three basic actions you need to take when you want to use Configuration Manager 2007 to deploy an operating system image to a collection of one or more target computers as outlined in the Administrator Workflow: Top Level Administrator Processes for Operating System Deployment:

Create the image and distribute it to distribution points

Operating system images are .WIM format files and represent a compressed collection of reference files and folders needed to successfully install and configure an operating system on a computer. The operating system image is built and captured from a reference computer which you configure with all required operating system files, support files, software updates, tools, and other software applications. The Administrator Workflow: Create and Distribute Image for Operating System Deploymentprovides a flowchart that identifies each step in this process. You can find additional information about reference computers in the operating system deployment task topic About the Operating System Deployment Reference Computer.

You can build the reference computer manually, or use a task sequence to automate some or all of the build steps.

You can find additional information about building and configuring a reference computer in the topic How to Build a Reference Computer, and information about capturing an image in the OSD Task topic How to Capture an Image from a Reference Computer by Using Capture Media and How to Create a Task Sequence to Build and Capture an Operating System Image

Create and configure the appropriate deployment task sequence

After you have created the reference computer and captured an operating system image from that computer, you can use a task sequence to configure how to deploy that image to a target computer. The New Task Sequence Wizard walks you through the process of creating a deployment task sequence. Refer to the topic How to Create a Task Sequence to Install an Existing Operating System Image Package for more information.

Advertise the task sequences

After you have created the necessary deployment task sequences, you can identify the appropriate collections of target computers that you will advertise the task sequences to. Then run the Task Sequence - New Advertisement Wizard.

Operating System Deployment does not distinguish Configuration Manager 2007 site system servers, in particular branch distribution points, from other target computers in the collection. If you are advertising the task sequence to a collection that contains a Configuration Manager 2007 site system server, the site system server will run the task sequence like any other computer in the collection. It is recommended that you remove the site system server role from the site system server before deploying an operating system image to it, and then assign the site system server role back to the site system server.

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