The Review/Accept License Terms dialog box in Configuration Manager 2007 opens when creating a deployment for one or more software updates that require license terms approval. The dialog box opens before the Deploy Software Updates Wizard and allows you to review the Microsoft software license terms for the selected software updates, and provides the option to accept or decline the agreement. The dialog box can also be opened by selecting one or more software updates in the Configuration Manager console that require license terms approval, and then initiating the Review/Accept License Terms action.

You must have Create rights on the Configuration items class for the Review/Accept License Terms action to be available in the Configuration Manager console.

The Review/Accept License Terms dialog box contains the following elements:

Decline License Terms

Declines the license terms. The Accept License Terms button remains active, and the license terms can be accepted at a later time.
Accept License Terms

Accepts the license terms. Once accepted, the deployment can be created with the software updates. When a License Terms is accepted and OK is clicked, the Decline License Terms option is no longer available.

Opens a copy of the License Terms in Notepad. This allows you to read the text in a larger window, format the text, and send the text to a printer.

Exits the dialog box and saves the settings.

Exits the dialog box without saving the settings.

Opens the help topic for this dialog box.

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