The following section describes how to configure boot media, stand-alone media, and PXE to run a script or executable that can interact with the user in Windows PE before the task sequence is selected. This can be used to prompt for information and save it in the task sequence environment before the task sequence is started. For example, you can use this to prompt for user credentials to join the domain.

When the target computer boots, the command-line will be run before policy is downloaded.

To configure media to run a script or program that can interact with the user

  1. Create a TSConfig.INI file that contains the command-line to run. For example:

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    CommandLine=”WScript.exe X:\MyScript.vbs”
  2. Create a Windows PE image that contains the TSConfig.ini and any files required in the root folder.

  3. Use the procedure How to Add a Boot Image to Configuration Manager to import the boot image into the Configuration Manager 2007 site.

  4. Create boot media or stand-alone media using the boot image you imported in step 3.

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