Use the SNMP Devices tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Network Discovery Properties dialog box to designate specific SNMP devices that Configuration Manager will use to discovery resources by Network Discovery. These can be routers (the site server's default gateway is automatically included) or other SNMP-capable devices such as hubs and token ring media access units.

The SNMP Devices tab contains the following elements:

SNMP devices

Specifies the SNMP devices that you want to search during Network Discovery.The following options are available for managing the SNMP Devices searched during a Network Discovery run:
  • New icon: Opens the New SNMP Device dialog box to add an SNMP device to the discovery polling list.

    You can use either an IP address or a device name to designate the specific device. However, if you use a device name, it must resolve to a valid IP address.
  • Delete icon: Removes the selected SNMP device from the discovery polling list.

The following columns are displayed for each subnet in the discovery polling list:
  • IP address: Specifies the IP address of an SNMP device on the network.

  • Name: Specifies the name of the SNMP device, if the SNMP device has a name.

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