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The topics in this section provide example scenarios of how to plan and deploy new Configuration Manager 2007 installations and upgrades of existing SMS 2003 Service Pack 2 or later sites.

Scenario Personas

The scenarios provided are based on the Configuration Manager deployment activities of the following personas representing the IT organization of Woodgrove National Bank.

Don Richardson will be the project manager for deploying Configuration Manager in Woodgrove Bank’s production network. Don’s supervisors have given him the authority required to complete the deployment process successfully.

Don’s first step in planning to deploy Configuration Manager is to assemble his planning team. The planning team consists of a representative of corporate management and technical staff including Ray Chow (Enterprise Systems Administrator), Carlos Carvallo (Network Administrator), and Kevin Cook (Enterprise Security Administrator).

  • Don Richardson (Windows Server Administrator) is the primary employee responsible for deploying Configuration Manager. Don is responsible for ensuring that the correct hardware and software is installed and configured to support the new Configuration Manager environment. This includes ensuring that the hardware and software meet the supported configuration requirements and ensuring the installation of any necessary prerequisites on applicable server platforms.

  • Ray Chow (Enterprise Systems Administrator) will be most involved in the approval of the Configuration Manager planning and deployment processes, including ensuring that the necessary public key infrastructure (PKI) is in place to support the most secure environment possible.

  • Carlos Carvallo (Network Administrator) will be involved to ensure that the necessary Active Directory schema extensions, Group Policy Objects (GPO) are properly configured, and necessary firewall configuration changes are made.

  • Kevin Cook (Enterprise Security Administrator) would be most involved in ensuring that the planning and deployment process is implemented properly to ensure the most secure operating conditions possible, as well as maximum uptime and minimum loss of data.

A help desk administrator will also be involved to ensure that the end-user perspective is considered during planning.

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