The Update List Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 adds software updates to a new or existing update list. Using the update list provides several benefits when deploying and monitoring software updates and is, therefore, part of the recommended software updates workflow. For more information, see About Update Lists in Software Updates.

Opening the Update List Wizard

The Update List Wizard is opened by selecting one or more software updates and initiating the Update List action. For more information about finding software updates, see How to Find Software Updates in Configuration Manager.

Properties Configured in the Update List Wizard

The following wizard pages are configurable:

  • Update List page: Specifies whether the selected software updates will be added to a new or existing update list and whether the updates are downloaded to a deployment package. When the updates are downloaded, you must specify the deployment package and download settings. For more information about these additional wizard pages, see Download Updates Wizard.

  • Security page: Specifies the class and instance security rights for the update list. This provides the ability to delegate the task of deploying software update to other administrators with restricted rights. For more information about configuring security on update lists, see About Update Lists in Software Updates.

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