The Configuration Manager 2007 R3 Power Capabilities report displays the power management hardware capabilities of computers in the specified collection. This report is typically used in the monitoring phase of power management to determine the power management capabilities of computers in your organization. The information displayed in the report can then be used to create collections of computers to apply power plans to, or to exclude from power management. The power management capabilities displayed by this report are:

The values reported by the Power Capabilities report indicate the sleep and hibernate capabilities of computers as reported by Windows. However, the reported values do not reflect cases where Windows or BIOS settings prevent these functions from working.
The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Report Parameters

Specify the following required and optional parameters for this report.

Required Parameters for this Report

The following parameters must be specified to run this report.

Parameter Name Description


From the drop-down list, select a collection for this report.

Display Filter

From the drop-down list, select one of the following values:

  • Not Supported - Displays only computers in the specified collection that are not capable of sleep, hibernate, wake from sleep, or wake from hibernate.

  • Show All - Displays all computers in the specified collection.

Hidden Parameters for this Report

This report has no hidden parameters you can set.

Report Links

This report contains links to the following report which provides further information about the selected item.

Report Name Details

Power Computer Details

Click a computer name to see the power capabilities, power settings, and applied power plans for the selected computer.

For more information about this report, see About the Power Computer Details Report for Power Management.

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