The Operating System Image Package Status Home page in the Configuration Manager 2007 console tree displays summary information for each image package on the Configuration Manager 2007 site.

For each site to which the image package is targeted, the following information is shown by default:

Selecting any site from the image package Status node displays the following information by default:

You can use View, Add/Remove columns to add or remove information from this list.

Actions for the Operating System Image Package Status Home Page

The following actions are available from the operating system image package status home page:

Action Description

Show Messages

Opens the ConfigMgr Status Message Viewer window, allowing you to view a more detailed status from the selected image package. You can filter the results to show only items with the following severity:

  • All

  • Error

  • Warnings

  • Info

Give Feedback

Opens a Configuration Manager 2007 Web site where feedback can be given.


Provides the following view options:

  • Add/Remove columns: Specifies which columns display in the results pane. Select the column name from the Available columns list, and then click Add to add the column to the Displayed Columns list. Select the column name from the Displayed Columns list, and then click Remove to remove the column from the displayed columns. Click Restore Defaults to display the default columns. Click OK to save changes.

  • Export list: Exports the data in the results pane to a text or unicode text file that is tab or comma delimited.

  • Hide search bar: Specifies to hide the search bar located above the results pane.

Customize: Specifies which items are displayed in the Configuration Manager 2007 console.

New Window from Here

Opens a new console window using the current node as the root node.


Refreshes the display with the most current information.


Opens the associated help topic.

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