The following checklist includes the tasks you perform to prepare the Configuration Manager 2007 environment for operating system deployment.

Task Reference

Enable DHCP

Refer to your Windows Server documentation for information about configuring DHCP. In particular, you will need to:

  • Create a scope of available addresses

  • Enable the DNS scope option

  • Activate the scope and authorize the server

Enable the Client Network Access account in Active Directory for the Configuration Manager 2007 site

How to Configure the Network Access Account

Create the appropriate packages to use with your operating system deployment task sequences.

About Creating the Operating System Deployment Packages

Distribute the boot image you want to deploy to the appropriate distribution points.

You can also modify the boot.wim file to gather log information by way of the command-line shell.

How to Manage Operating System Boot Images

Configure a state migration point

How to Manage the User State

How to Configure the State Migration Point

Add drivers to an operating system image

How to Install Drivers on a Configuration Manager 2007 Client Using a Task Sequence

Configure the PXE Service Point

How to Configure the PXE Service Point

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