Prestaging packages on a branch distribution point will minimize the bandwidth otherwise necessary to download the packages.

This is done as part of the Branch Distribution Point Maintenance task. When initiated, this task will verify the prestaged package and download any packages that do not exist on the branch distribution point. A success status message is sent to the management point, and server records are updated to reflect the availability of the package on the branch distribution point.

The Branch Distribution Point Maintenance task will run these jobs only for an existing branch distribution point server role; it will not create the role. For more information about security permissions, see Classes and Instances for Object Security in Configuration Manager.

To prestage a package on a branch distribution point

  1. If one does not already exist, create an SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory and share on the branch distribution point.

    When creating an SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory and share, the <driveletter> is the relevant drive on the branch distribution point. For example, SMSPKGC$ would be the directory and share created on drive C of the branch distribution point.
  2. Using a standard distribution point as the original source for the package, copy the packages into the SMSPKG<driveletter>$ directory.

  3. On the branch distribution point computer, double-click Configuration Manager in Control Panel.

  4. On the Actions tab, select Branch Distribution Point Maintenance Task and then click Initiate Action.

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