You must have a management point to transfer information between Configuration Manager 2007 clients and Configuration Manager 2007 servers. Without a management point, you cannot manage any clients.

Did you install Configuration Manager 2007 using simple Setup, or custom Setup?

The computer running the management point role must be running Internet Information Services.

For intranet clients, you must either designate one computer as the default management point or configure several computers with the management point role and then configure them into a Network Load Balancing (NLB) cluster virtual server.

NLB clusters allow for better performance and fault tolerance, but they are most appropriate for large and complex sites.

If you use a default management point, you can configure additional management points, but clients do not communicate with them, unless they are configured for Internet-based client management.

If you need to manage clients when they are on the Internet, you can configure the default management point or an additional management point to support connections over the Internet.

If you need to support mobile device clients, you must enable that setting on your management point. For more information, see How to Enable a Mobile Device Management Point.

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