Topic last updated—November 2007

This topic provides information about troubleshooting software update client issues in Configuration Manager 2007.

Display Notification Displays with Installation Deadline for Optional Software Updates

When optional software updates are deployed to and available on a Configuration Manager 2007 client computer and the Install required updates on a schedule setting is enabled on the client computer, a display notification might appear every three hours that incorrectly indicates that the software update will automatically install at a specific time. Because the software update is optional, the notification is incorrect and the software update will not be automatically installed on the client computer. This issue does not occur on client computers that do not have the Install required updates on a schedule setting enabled.

Possible Solution

Specify the Suppress display notifications on clients setting on the Display/Time Settings page of the Deploy Software Updates Wizard when deploying optional software updates to client computers that have the Install required updates on a schedule setting enabled.

Client Scan Fails with Error 0x80040693

In the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 console, view any reports in the category Software Updates - E. Troubleshooting. If a Configuration Manager 2007 client reports the error code 0x80040693, it means the client is running the wrong version of Windows Update Agent (WUA). Configuration Manager 2007 clients require version 7.0.6000.374 or higher. For more information, see How to Check the Windows Update Agent Version on Clients.

Possible Solution

If client computers are configured for Automatic Update, they should automatically update their Windows Update Agent from their Automatic Update source. If clients are not configured for Automatic Update, you can locate the WUA redistributable file on MSDN and deploy it using Configuration Manager 2007 software distribution.

Scan for Software Updates Compliance Fails - Incorrect Windows Update Agent Version

Windows Update Agent (WUA) 3.0 or later must be installed on client computers for the client computer to successfully scan for software updates compliance. You can verify the Windows Update Agent version on client computers in either of the following ways.

  • Hardware inventory: After a client computer has scanned for software updates compliance at least one time, the Windows Update Agent version is reported as part of hardware inventory. This allows you to check the Windows Update Agent version by running Resource Explorer for a specific client computer, or you can create a query that retrieves client computers and the Windows Update Agent version, such as the following:

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    SELECT v_R_System.Netbios_Name0, v_GS_WINDOWSUPDATEAGENTVERSIO.Version0
    You can use a similar query when creating a Configuration Manager custom report. The preceding sample query retrieves all computers that have a value for the Windows Update Agent version.

  • Software updates reports: The Windows Update Agent is reported as part of the 1 - Last scan states by collection and Scan 2 - Last scan states by site reports.

Possible Solution:

Upgrade client computers to WUA 3.0. There are several ways to upgrade the WUA on client computers.

  • Self update through Automatic Updates: Enable Automatic Updates on the client computers, and configure Windows Server Update Services running on the software update point site system to support self-update. For more information, see the section about updating WSUS client software in the WSUS Technical Library (

    Manually install Windows Update Agent 3.0: You can download the Windows Update Agent 3.0 installation file and upgrade client computers. This can be done at each client, or you can create a query-based collection that retrieves the client computers that do not meet the required Windows Update Agent version and then distribute the Windows Update Agent 3.0 installation file by advertising the file to the collection. For more information about installing Windows Update Agent 3.0, see How to Install the Windows Update Agent on Client Computers.

Software Update Installation Fails with Error 0x80091007

Before a Configuration Manager 2007 client can install software updates, it verifies the hash on the content containing the software update. If the hash does not match, the client fails to install the software update and logs error 0x80091007 to the updatesdeployment.log on the client. The error is also sent to the management point and is visible in the reports under the category Software Updates - E. Troubleshooting.

This issue is often caused by having the wrong version of the package on the distribution point. Frequently this issue occurs when content has not been replicated to a child site or when the package version has changed but the client has not received new policy yet.

Possible Solution

In the Configuration Manager 2007 console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Software Updates / Deployment Packages / <package name> / Package Status / Package Status / <site code>, and look at the source version for the package. Verify that all distribution points are using the same source version, including any distribution points at the child site. You can also look at distmgr.log for any errors that reference the package ID.

Software Update Installation Fails with Error = 0x80004002

A client computer fails to install a software update with the 0x80004002 error message reported in the client log files, such as the following sample log entries:

  • UpdatesHandler.log

    WSUS update (689c410a-44d7-45c7-ae51-9806fcb177f5) installation result = 0x80004002, Reboot State = NoReboot

    Update execution failed.

  • WUAHandler.log

    Failed to get final installation result of updates. Error = 0x80004002.

    Update 1 (<unique update ID>) finished installing (0x80004002).

    Update 2 (<unique update ID>) finished installing (0x80004002).

    Installation of updates completed.

  • WindowsUpdate.log

    WARNING: WU client failed installing updates with error 0x80004002

The UpdatesHandler.log and WUAHandler.log files are located in <ConfigMgrInstallationPath>\Logs, and the WindowsUpdate.log is located in %windir%.

Possible Solution

The WUA installation on the client might be missing files or be corrupt. Reinstall WUA 3.0 on the client computer. For more information about installing WUA 3.0, see How to Install the Windows Update Agent on Client Computers.

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