You may need to deploy an operating system to a computer that is not connected to the network or to a computer that is connected by a low bandwidth connection. You can use Configuration Manager 2007 to create offline installation media that perform the installation.

The target computer should not have an existing Configuration Manager 2007 client installed on it.

Use the following procedure to deploy an operating system to an offline computer.

To deploy an operating system to an offline computer

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager/ Site Database / Computer Management / Operating System Deployment / Task Sequences.

  2. To create a stand-alone media set, start the Task Sequence Media Wizard.

  3. In the Task Sequence Wizard, on the Select Media Type page, select Stand-alone media.

    If you selected CD/DVD set on the Media Type page, the files created are a set of .ISO files that need to be burned onto the media set. You can then use another product to burn the installation files onto the CD or DVD set.

    If you selected a USB flash drive on the Media Type page, the files will be created and saved directly to the USB flash drive.

    If you have specified a USB flash drive as the media type the USB flash drive must be connected to the server running the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator console when the image is created because the media files you create will be written directly to the USB flash drive. If there is a task sequence step that will cause the computer to restart, you must also configure the target computer's BIOS to boot from the hard disk or the computer will boot using the attached media.
  4. To start the operating system deployment, insert the media into the target computer, and then initiate the installation from the media you created. If there is no existing operating system on the target computer, you should insert or attach the installation media to the computer and restart the computer by using the installation media.

Make sure the media you use to complete the installation is bootable.

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