The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Query-based collections in Configuration Manager 2007 are periodically evaluated, based on a schedule you specify to update their membership from the site database. Even if there are no changes in the collection that is being evaluated, the entire collection is still processed. The default time period between collection evaluations is 1 day. You can decrease this time period, but evaluating collections with many members might cause a high processing load on your site database.

Dynamic collection evaluation in Configuration Manager 2007 R3 periodically scans for new resources and updates a collections membership with only these new resources, independently of a full collection evaluation. When enabled for a collection, dynamic collection evaluation runs every 5 minutes and when used in conjunction with full collection evaluation can help keep collection data displayed in the administrator console more up-to-date.

Dynamic collection evaluation does not replace the existing method of collection evaluation; it only evaluates newly added resources.

The following resources can be evaluated by dynamic collection evaluation:

For information about how to configure dynamic collection evaluation, see How to Configure Dynamic Collection Evaluation in Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

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