These task sequence variables govern the operation of the task sequence action. Variables marked as input variables are read or used by the task sequence action. In most cases, input variables correspond to task sequence action fields in the task sequence editor and can be set via that user interface. Alternatively, input variables can be set at runtime from per-collection or per-computer variables, via the Set Task Sequence Variable action or via the TSEnvironment COM object. Variables marked as output variables are written or set by the task sequence action to be read by later actions in the task sequence.

Capture Operating System Image Task Sequence Action

Action Variable Name Description



Specifies a Windows account name that has permissions to the network share where the captured image will be stored.



Specifies the password for the Windows account used to store the captured image on a network share.



Specifies the location where a captured operating system image will be saved. The maximum directory name length is 255 characters



An optional name of the user that created the image, stored in the WIM file. The maximum user name length is 255 characters.



An optional user-defined description of the captured operating system image that is stored in the WIM file. The maximum description length is 255 characters.



An optional user-defined version number to assign to the captured operating system image. This value can be any combination of letters and numbers and is stored in the WIM file. The maximum version length is 32 characters.



Specifies the path to the Windows directory of the installed operating system on the reference computer. This operating system is verified as being a supported operating system for capture by Configuration Manager 2007.

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