Topic last updated—November 2007

Several events can occur on the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 client that will cause the Product Source Update Manager agent to update source locations for one or more Windows Installer products. Use the following VBScript script to enable a Windows Installer source list update cycle.


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' Name of script is updateps.vbs.

dim oSrcList
dim oSrcLocs
dim sLoc

Set objArgs = WScript.Arguments

If objArgs.Count < 1 then
	WScript.echo "Usage: updateps.vbs {Product Code}" 
end if

set oSrcList = CreateObject ("SrcUpdateMgr.ProductSourceList")

if oSrcList is nothing then 
	wscript.echo "Could not create Product Source List Object - quitting"
end if

oSrcList.UpdateSourceList objArgs(0), FALSE

oSrcLocs = oSrcList.GetSourceList(objArgs(0))

dim nIndex
for nIndex = LBound(oSrcLocs) To UBound(oSrcLocs)
	WScript.echo oSrcLocs(nIndex)

WScript.echo "Successfully update source list for product" + objArgs(0)

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