The Delete Aged Status Messages task deletes aged status messages from the Configuration Manager 2007 site database at the selected site only. Databases at other sites are not affected.

Status messages can be very numerous. Running this command less often is not recommended.

The Delete Aged Status Messages Task properties dialog box does not let you specify an age for the messages to delete. Instead, you must configure the age of messages to delete by using status filter rules in the Configuration Manager console. The default status filter rules keep audit messages for 180 days and all other messages for 30 days. To change these intervals, modify existing status filter rules or create new ones specifying how long messages are kept in the site database.

Status messages might be required to diagnose the status of the Configuration Manager 2007 system. Do not delete status messages until you have reviewed them and are sure that you do not need them.

Defaults   Runs daily between midnight and 5:00 A.M.

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