The following checklist provides the steps necessary to configure and use out of band management in a Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later site.

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 and later.

Step Reference

Check the prerequisites for using out of band management with Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, and make any required changes to your network infrastructure and computers.

Prerequisites for Out of Band Management

Ensure that the appropriate public key infrastructure (PKI) certificates are in place.

Certificate Requirements for Out of Band Management

Create an Active Directory organizational unit (OU) or container for each domain that will contain computers that will be managed out of band. Configure the required security permissions on the OU or container.

How to Prepare Active Directory Domain Services for Out of Band Management

Decide which AMT provisioning methods to use.

Choose Between In-Band Provisioning and Out of Band Provisioning

Install the out of band service point in the primary site, and if required, configure the transmission packets.

How to Install the Out of Band Service Point

How to Configure Power On Transmissions for Scheduled Wake-Up Activities

Configure AMT provisioning.

How to Configure AMT Provisioning

Configure AMT settings and at least one AMT User Account.

How to Configure AMT Settings and AMT User Accounts

Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP2.

Optional but recommended: Configure AMT auditing if this feature is supported by your AMT version.

If your AMT-based computers use an 802.1X authentication wired or wireless network, configure Configuration Manager to support out of band management on these networks.

How to Configure AMT Auditing

How to Configure AMT-Based Computers for 802.1X Authenticated Wired and Wireless Networks

If required, configure one or more AMT Provisioning and Discovery Accounts.

Determine Whether to Configure an AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account for Out of Band Management

How to Add an AMT Provisioning and Discovery Account

Optional but recommended:

If you will provision Configuration Manager clients for AMT, enable discovery for management controllers.

How to Discover Computers with Management Controllers

Provision computers for AMT.

How to Provision Computers for AMT

Configure the site to send power-on commands using out of band management.

How to Configure the Site to Send Power-On Commands for Scheduled Wake-Up Activities Using Out of Band Management

Verify that computers are provisioned for AMT and can support out of band management.

How to Identify Computers That Are Provisioned for AMT

Applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 SP2.

If you have configured AMT auditing, enable auditing on selected AMT-based computers and manage the audit log entries.

How to Manage the Audit Log for AMT-Based Computers

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