These task sequence variables govern the operation of the task sequence action. Variables marked as input variables are read or used by the task sequence action. In most cases, input variables correspond to task sequence action fields in the task sequence editor and can be set via that user interface. Alternatively, input variables can be set at runtime from per-collection or per-computer variables, via the Set Task Sequence Variable action or via the TSEnvironment COM object. Variables marked as output variables are written or set by the task sequence action to be read by later actions in the task sequence.

Auto Apply Drivers Task Sequence Action

Action Variable Name Description



A comma-delimited list of the driver catalog category unique IDs. If specified, the Auto Apply Driver task sequence action will only consider drivers in at least one of these categories when installing drivers. This value is optional, and it is not set by default. The available category IDs can be obtained by enumerating the list of SMS_CategoryInstance objects on the site.



Specifies whether Windows should be configured to allow unsigned device drivers to be installed. This task sequence variable is not used when deploying Windows Vista and later operating systems.

Valid values:


"false" (default)



Specifies what the task sequence action should do if there are multiple device drivers in the driver catalog that are compatible with a hardware device. If set to "true”, only the best device driver will be installed. If “false”, all compatible device drivers will be installed, and the operating system will choose the best driver to use.

Valid values:

"true" (default)


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