This topic describes actions that can be taken to increase the performance of Configuration Manager 2007 sites.

Exclude Configuration Manager Inbox Directories from Antivirus Scanning Software

Because antivirus scanning of Configuration Manager inbox files can significantly reduce site performance, it is recommended that you exclude Configuration Manager inbox directories from antivirus scanning software.

Use a Consistent SMS_def.mof Hardware Inventory Reporting File Throughout the Site Hierarchy

In Configuration Manager 2007, hardware inventory has been enhanced to use multiple processing threads to process inventory reports quicker than previous versions of SMS. However, to take advantage of this capability, a consistent SMS_def.mof must be used throughout the site hierarchy.

When using inconsistent SMS_def.mof files in a site hierarchy, the site database schema is changed when processing hardware inventory reports that contain new information. When the site database schema is changed, all hardware inventory processing threads have to stop, wait for the schema to be changed, and then restart.

If inconsistent SMS_def.mof files are used in a site hierarchy, the only way to improve hardware inventory processing performance is to change the number of worker threads for the hardware inventory subsystem to 1. This will cause the Configuration Manager site to use a single processing thread to process hardware inventory reports.

Use Network Load Balancing Site Systems and a Replicated SQL Server Site Database

Configuration Manager management point site systems can support up to 25,000 clients, so if your site exceeds that number of assigned clients, the default management point site system must be configured as a network load balancing (NLB) virtual server.

When the default management point has been configured in an NLB configuration, it should be configured to access a replicated site database hosted by a different SQL Server instance than the actual site database. Using NLB site systems accessing a replicated SQL Server site database reduces the load on the site database and improves site performance. If the default management point is configured as an NLB and configured to access the site database directly, it will cause degraded site server performance. For more information about configuring network load balancing for Configuration Manager site systems, see How to Configure Network Load Balancing for Configuration Manager Site Systems.

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