The Add or Remove Drivers to Packages dialog box allows you to add or remove Windows device drivers to a new or existing driver package.

The Windows device drivers that will be added to the package are displayed at the top of the page with the source location of the device driver content. When a device driver is added to a driver package, the device driver content will be copied from the driver source location to the driver package. It may be necessary to change this source location if the SMS Provider does not have access to the original source location. For example, when a device driver from a parent site is being added to a driver package located at a child site.

This page contains the elements described in the following table.

Reference Description

Select All

Adds the Windows device drivers to all existing driver packages.

Clear All

Clears the selection and no device drivers will be added to driver packages.

New Package

Allows you to create a new driver package.

Update distribution points when finished

Updates the distribution points immediately. To update distribution points later, right-click the driver package to be updated, and then click Update Distribution Points.

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