Use the Deployment Package page in the Configuration Manager 2007 Deploy Software Updates Wizard or Update List Wizard to select an existing deployment package or create a new one for the deployment. The software updates in the deployment are downloaded and copied to the deployment package folder on the distribution points configured for the package. If all software updates in the deployment have previously been downloaded and copied to a package shared folder on the distribution point, the Deployment Package page of the wizard does not display. The deployment is automatically configured with the package used to download the update.

When creating a software update deployment that will target SMS 2003 clients, and at least one software update has not yet been downloaded, all of the software updates not in the package configured for the deployment will be downloaded even when they were previously downloaded to another package. When all software updates have been downloaded prior to creating the deployment, when the downloaded updates were previously downloaded to the package selected in the deployment, or when the Deploy software updates to SMS 2003 clients setting is not selected in the deployment, the wizard downloads only the software updates that have not been previously downloaded. To prevent this behavior, download the software updates that have not yet been downloaded prior to creating the deployment by using the Download Updates Wizard or the Update List Wizard.

The Deployment Package page only displays in the Update List Wizard if the Download the files associated with the selected software updates setting is enabled on the Update List page.

This page contains the elements as described in the following table.

UI Element List

Name Description

Select deployment package

Specifies that an existing package is used for the software updates in the deployment. Click Browse to open the Select a Deployment Package dialog box, which lists only packages created to host software updates. When a deployment package is highlighted, the package name, package description, and package ID are listed in the bottom pane. Select the deployment package to be used for the software updates in the deployment, and then click OK.

Deployment packages are displayed only from the current site. Packages created at a parent site are not available for selection.

Create a new deployment package

Specifies that a new package is created for the software updates in the deployment. The following properties are configured as part of the deployment package.

  • Deployment package name: Specifies the name of the deployment package. The package should have a unique name, describe the package content, and is limited to no more than 50 characters.

  • Deployment package description: Specifies the description of the deployment package. The package description should describe the package contents in detail and is limited to no more than 127 characters.

  • Deployment package source: Specifies the location of the software update source files. When the deployment is generated, the source files are compressed and copied to the distribution points that are associated with the deployment package. The source location must be entered as a network path (for example, \\server\sharename\path), or the Browse button can be used to find the network location. The shared folder for the deployment package source files must be manually created before proceeding to the next page.

    The deployment package source location must not be used by another deployment or software distribution package.
    The SMS Provider computer account and the user who will actually download the software updates to the download location both require write access to the download location. Restrict access to the download location to reduce the risk of attackers tampering with the software updates source files in the download location.
  • Deployment package sending priority: Specifies the sending priority for the deployment package. The sending priority is used for the deployment package when it is sent to distribution points at child sites. Packages are sent in priority order: High, Medium, or Low. Packages with identical priorities are sent in the order in which they were created. Unless there is a backlog, the package will process immediately regardless of its priority.

  • Enable binary differential replication: Specifies whether binary delta comparison should be used on changed package source files. Selecting the check box enables this behavior and allows Distribution Manager to transfer only parts of the file that have changed instead of the entire file. This behavior can result in large bandwidth savings in transferring the changes for large files, compared with the traditional method where the entire file is transferred. For more information, see About Binary Differential Replication. This setting can be modified for existing packages in the properties for the package.


Goes to the previous page of the wizard.


Goes to the next page of the wizard.


Goes to the Summary page of the wizard.


Discards the settings and exits the wizard.

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