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Before Asset Intelligence Client Access License (CAL) reports can be used to track CAL usage for Configuration Manager 2007 clients, the following must be configured:

Example Scenario for Enabling CAL Data Collection for Asset Intelligence

In this example, Ed Banti, the Configuration Manager 2007 administrator for Blue Yonder Airlines, works with Marcus Loh, the Active Directory administrator for Blue Yonder airlines, to ensure that all Configuration Manager 2007 clients are configured to record success logon events in the Windows security event log by modifying the domain security policy for the domain the client computers reside in. Afterwards, Ed makes the necessary modifications to the Configuration.mof hardware inventory configuration file.

Process Reference

Ed meets with Marcus to discuss the domain security policy settings required for all Configuration Manager 2007 clients to begin logging Success logon events, and Marcus implements the requested changes.

How to Enable Success Logon Event Logging

Ed reviews the prerequisite documentation for Asset Intelligence to determine what Configuration.mof modifications are necessary to implement CAL data tracking.

Prerequisites for Asset Intelligence

By reviewing the prerequisites documentation for Asset Intelligence, Ed knows that he must open the Configuration.mof file stored on the primary site server for his site, find the CCM_CALTrackConfig WMI data class, and modify the following settings in accordance with his reporting requirements:

  • CALCollectionType

  • CALCollectionFrequencyDays

  • CALCollectionFrequencyMinutes

  • CALCollectionTimeWindow

  • CALSupportedWindowsVersions

How to Extend Hardware Inventory Using the Configuration.mof File

To ensure only necessary CAL tracking data is stored in the site database, Ed enables and configures the Delete Aged Client Access License Data and Summarize Client Access License Weekly Usage Data site maintenance tasks.

Delete Aged Client Access License Data Task Overview

Summarize Client Access License Weekly Usage Data Task Overview

After all configuration has been completed and Configuration Manager clients have performed a successful hardware inventory reporting cycle, Ed reviews the CAL license reports to view the newly collected information.

About Client Access License Reports.

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