Use the Data Source tab of the Configuration Manager 2007 Software Distribution <Package Name> Properties dialog box to specify data source information, including whether the package contains source files, where those files are located, and whether associated distribution points are updated on a schedule. Package source files are any files that must be copied to a distribution point to support a package when one of its programs is advertised to clients.

The Data Source tab contains the following elements:

This package contains source files

Indicates the package has source files not already on the client computer that its programs must run. By default, this check box is cleared and Configuration Manager 2007 does not use distribution points for the package. When this check box is selected, distribution points are used.
Source directory

Specifies the network path to the package source files. This field is unavailable unless the This package contains source files check box is selected.To specify the path to the source directory, click Set to open the Set Source Directory dialog box.
Do not specify path/filenames for package source files that exceed 254 characters, paths of this length cannot be replicated.
Two options are available when designating a source directory:
  • Use a compressed copy of the source directory: Configuration Manager 2007 will create a compressed version of the source files on the site server. If this option is selected, this compressed version will be decompressed and copied to the distribution points instead of being copied directly from the original source folder when the distribution points are refreshed. Use this option if the source files might be removed from the specified path (for example, if the source files are on a CD).

    When defining a location to store a compressed file, the folder or drive used must an NTFS file, as the FAT format will not correctly store the compressed source file.
    If you select this option and then specify Update All Distribution Points in the Manage Distribution Points Wizard, a new version of the compressed copy is created from the specified source folder.

    A compressed version of the source folder is always created and used when the package is sent to distribution points in child sites.
  • Always obtain files from the source directory: Each time a distribution point is refreshed, Configuration Manager 2007 will obtain the package source files from the path specified in the Source directory box. Use this option if the source files are likely to remain at the specified path, such as a share on a server.

    This field is unavailable if the package is a compressed version replicated from a parent site.
Update distribution points on a schedule

Specifies the source files for this package will be regularly updated on distribution points. When this option is selected, the default schedule is set to the current date with an interval of one day. By default, this check box is cleared.To set a schedule for distribution point updates, click Schedule to open the Custom Schedule dialog box. This button is available only when Update distribution points on a schedule is selected.
Persist content in client cache

Specifies whether content should be retained in the cache on the client computer indefinitely even if it has already been run. Although this option can be useful with some recurring packages such as virus software, you should know that this will reduce the available cache space. Specifying this option might cause a large package to fail at a later point if there is insufficient space available in the cache.
Enable binary differential replication

Specifies whether binary delta comparison should be used on changed package source files. Selecting the check box enables this behavior and allows Distribution Manager to transfer only parts of the file that have changed instead of the entire file. This behavior can result in large bandwidth savings in transferring the changes for large files, compared with the traditional method where the entire file is transferred.

Saves any changes and exits the dialog box.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Saves any changes and remains in the dialog box.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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