Topic Last Updated—August 2008

This scenario provides an example of how SQL Reporting Services in Configuration Manager 2007 R2 can be implemented and configured to solve the following business requirements:

The information in this topic applies only to Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and Configuration Manager 2007 R3.

Implementing and configuring SQL Reporting Services integration in Configuration Manager 2007 R2

Woodgrove Bank has deployed Configuration Manager 2007 R2 to manage and report on the status of computers on the network. John Woods is Woodgrove Bank's IT systems manager. He learns that Configuration Manager 2007 R2 SQL Reporting Services will allow him to accomplish the stated business requirements. He decides to follow this course of action:

Process Reference

John reviews the Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services Web site and the overview of SQL Reporting Services integration with Configuration Manager 2007 R2 in the Configuration Manager 2007 documentation library.

John reviews the process for installing, configuring, and using SQL Reporting Services in Configuration Manager 2007 R2.

Administrator Checklist for SQL Reporting Services

John confirms that his site meets the prerequisites for using SQL Reporting Services.

Prerequisites for SQL Reporting Services

He then reviews important planning information for using SQL Reporting Services in Configuration Manager 2007 R2.

Planning for SQL Reporting Services

John then installs and configures the SQL Reporting Services component of SQL Server 2005.

How to Configure Microsoft SQL Server for SQL Reporting Services

In the Configuration Manager console, John creates and configures a reporting services point and configures a folder in which to store reports. He then sets this as the default reporting point for the site.

John copies all existing Configuration Manager 2007 reports into SQL Reporting Services.

How to Copy Configuration Manager Reports to SQL Reporting Services

John’s manager requires some reports that are not included as standard reports with Configuration Manager 2007 R2. He creates a number of new reports using the SQL Reporting Services wizards.

How to View SQL Reporting Services Reports from the Configuration Manager Console

John’s manager would like certain reports sent to him by e-mail on a daily basis. To accomplish this, John sets up report subscriptions for selected reports.

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