This section provides troubleshooting information to resolve unexpected behavior when you are backing up or restoring Configuration Manager 2007 sites.

Insufficient Free Space to Create the Backup Snapshot

Configuration Manager 2007 does not consider the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) storage associations for volumes that contains site data or the SQL Server site database during the site backup process. The VSS service might have insufficient disk space to create the shadow copy of the site backup snapshot information and fails when the volume has insufficient storage to create the snapshot.


Check the Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) storage associations for the drives containing Configuration Manager data and ensure that they are configured to use a volume with free space equivalent to at least 50 percent of the size of the Configuration Manager data to be backed up. The backup destination specified in the Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task should not be on the source volume, and the storage association should refer to a different volume than the source volume.

Backup Process Terminates Unexpectedly

The Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Backup process might terminate unexpectedly when attempting to make a connection with the site database.

During the Configuration Manager 2007 Backup process, a connection to the site database might fail to complete. This results in an early termination of the ConfigMgr Backup process. Because the Configuration Manager 2007 backup process shuts down all site services, the site cannot automatically come back online without manual intervention.


To resolve this issue, install the Windows Server 2003 Post-Service Pack 1 COM+ 1.5 Hotfix Rollup Package 6 available at

After the hotfix rollup package is installed, you might have to restart the SMS Executive service and the SMS Site Component Manager service by using the Configuration Manager 2007 Service Control Manager.

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