It is possible to have configuration baselines in Configuration Manager 2007 with the same name and configuration items with the same name. This can make it difficult to distinguish them in the Configuration Manager, under their respective nodes.

However, configurations items that have a different type are easily distinguished in the Configuration Manager console by having a specific icon displayed before the name. The Type column also displays this distinguishing property. For example, you can specify the same name for an application configuration item and an operating systems configuration item, and they would be distinguished in the Configuration Manager with different icons next to their name. In addition, under the Type column you would see Application and Operating System, respectively.

When you duplicate a configuration baseline or a configuration item, the duplicated configuration data is automatically configured with the same name but with an appended number in brackets to help you distinguish it from the original. You can then edit this automatically generated name as you edit its properties. However, it is possible to edit the name so that it is exactly the same as the original, which means it is not easy to distinguish between the original and duplicate although they might have completely different properties.

Another possible scenario where you might encounter configuration data with the same name is when more than one administrator is configuring or importing configuration data and they do not realize the name is not unique. This is particularly relevant if administrators in child sites also create or import configuration baselines or configuration items.

To distinguish configuration data that has the same display name, use the CI Unique ID value. This is a long alphanumeric string that is used by Configuration Manager to uniquely identify each configuration baseline or configuration item.

To view the unique string in the Configuration Manager console, follow this procedure.

To distinguish configuration data with same name

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Desired Configuration Management.

  2. To distinguish configuration baselines with same name, click the Configuration Baselines node. To distinguish configuration items with same type and name, click the Configuration Items node.

  3. Right-click the node, click View, and then click Add/Remove Columns. Under Available columns, click CI Unique ID, and then click Add.

  4. If you want to view the distinguishing string immediately after the name, ensure CI Unique ID is selected and then click Move Up until it is listed after Name.

  5. Click OK.

    For more information about the options on the desired configuration management home pages, see Configuration Baselines Home Page and Configuration Items Home Page.

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