Use this dialog box to add or update search criteria that is used on clients during the software inventory collection process.


Specify a complete file name. You can also specify a partial file name, and you can use the "?" and "*" wildcards as follows:
  • Use "?" to replace any one character.

  • Use "*" to replace zero or more characters.


The client hard disk location where files are collected from. Path also determines whether subdirectories are searched. Click Set to open the Path Properties Dialog Box dialog box to set the disk locations to collect files from.

Displays file collection locations. Locations include all client hard disks, a single path variable, or a path name. By default, All client hard disks is selected.
Search subdirectories

Indicates whether Location subdirectories are searched.
Exclude encrypted and compressed files

Indicates whether to collect encrypted and/or compressed files.
Maximum size (KB)

Specify the maximum file size, in KB, that Configuration Manager will collect. This is the maximum size of the file or files collected for this rule. If the total size of all the files that match this rule exceeds the specified limit, none of the files will be collected.
Collecting large or numerous files can cause excessive network traffic.