Configuration Manager 2007 client computers can be configured for Internet-only management, which means that they continue to communicate with Internet-based site systems even if they connect to the intranet. Use this configuration only if the client computer will not connect to the intranet.

You can use the ConfigMgr Connection Type property displayed in Configuration Manager to confirm whether the client computer is configured for Internet-only management.

To determine if a client computer is configured for Internet-only management

  1. Navigate to Configuration Manager in the Control Panel of the client computer, and then double-click to open its properties.

  2. On the General tab, locate the property ConfigMgr Connection Type.

  3. If the client computer is configured for Internet-only management, the value of ConfigMgr Connection Type displays Always Internet.

    If you see the value Currently Internet or Currently intranet, the client is configured for Internet or intranet management. With this configuration, the client will connect to site systems on the intranet if it detects an intranet connection.
  4. Click OK.

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