Configuration Manager 2007 supports the use of logon scripts to install the Configuration Manager 2007 client software. You can use the file CCMSetup.exe in a logon script to trigger the client installation.

Logon script installation uses the same methods as manual client installation. You can specify the /logon installation property for ccmsetup.exe which prevents the client from installing if any version of the client already exists on the machine. This prevents reinstallation of the client from taking place each time the logon script runs.

If no installation source is specified using the /Source switch and no management point from which to obtain installation is specified using the /MP switch, CCMSetup.exe can locate the management point by searching Active Directory if the schema has been extended for Configuration Manager 2007. If the schema has not been extended then CCMSetup will search WINS for a server locator point to query for a management point from which to install the client.

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