A package source folder contains all the files and subdirectories needed to run the programs in a package. When you create a package that utilizes source files, you specify the package source directory and Configuration Manager 2007 sends all the files and subdirectories to the distribution points specified for the package.

When creating a source directory, all files and subdirectories under the specified folder are included in the package. Because of this, you should avoid placing the source files for multiple packages within the same folder, as this may result in unwanted redundant data in the packages.

To set up a package source directory

  • Create a folder on a local or network location that can be accessed by the site server computer$ account, and copy all needed files and subdirectories to that folder.


Insert the software disk or CD in a drive that the site server can access.

  • If any of the package's programs requires an installation script, place the script in the newly created package source folder.

    To simplify the program, place the installation script or other auxiliary files in the source folder instead of one of its subdirectories.

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