Use this tab to configure and schedule hardware inventory client agent settings.

Enable hardware inventory on clients

Enables hardware inventory for the site. When you select this check box, the hardware inventory agent is enabled on clients and hardware inventory runs according to the schedule specified.
Inventory schedule

Specifies when hardware inventory runs on clients in the site.
Simple schedule

Schedules hardware inventory to run at a single, specific interval for all clients in the site. By default, this option is selected. Although it allows less flexibility in scheduling, this method usually causes less network traffic than using a custom schedule because the time each client's inventory data file is sent is based on the client's install time. When you choose full schedule, all your clients run inventory at exactly the same time.
Run every

The number and type of time units (minutes, hours, or days) in the simple schedule. You can specify 1 to 60 minutes, 1 to 24 hours, or 1 to 31 days. By default, this interval is set to one week.
Custom schedule

Click Customize to open the Custom Schedule Dialog Box dialog box and set the hardware inventory schedule. Custom inventory schedules allow you the ability to schedule the first start date and time for inventory to run on clients. Once the initial start time for inventory to begin has passed, future hardware inventories will recur on the schedule that you specify. Hardware inventory custom schedules can be set to run weekly, monthly, or at a custom interval.
  • Custom weekly inventory schedules can run from 1 to 4 weeks on the day of the week specified.

  • Custom monthly inventory schedules can run from 1 to 12 months on either a specific day of the week from 1 to 31, the last day of each month, or the first, second, third, fourth, or last selected day of the week for each month.

  • Custom inventory schedules can also be set to run on a custom interval of either 1 to 31 days, 1 to 23 hours, or 1 to 31 days. This option differs from the simple schedule in that you can specify a start time for all clients to begin the inventory process.

This method allows greater control over when clients will conduct inventory, but also increases network traffic caused by all clients running inventory at the same time.
If today is Wednesday and you set the inventory schedule to run every two weeks on Mondays, the next inventory collection will occur on the next Monday and alternate Mondays after that. The start date must match the day selected.
Maximum custom MIF file size (kb)

The maximum size, in KB, allowed for each custom MIF file that will be collected from a client during a hardware inventory cycle. You can specify a size between 1 and 5,000 KB. By default, this value is set to 250 KB.Use this field to restrict the maximum size of each IDMIF file that is appended to the hardware inventory for each client. This setting does not affect the size of the normal hardware inventory data file.
If a custom MIF file is larger than the maximum size allowed, the hardware inventory client agent will move the IDMIF file to the \Badmifs folder. In this case, the custom MIF file is not sent to the site server for processing.

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