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This topic provides information to help troubleshoot PXE-initiated operating system deployment issues in Configuration Manager 2007. This content might have been updated. For the most recent version, see

Deploying Operating System WIM Files to a PXE Service Point Can Cause an Access Denied Error When You Try to Deploy Boot Images to the PXE Service Point

If you put an operating system image on the PXE service point before adding a boot image to the PXE service point, you will receive an access denied error. The error occurs because the permissions from the WIM file are applied to the PXE temp folder used for extracting binaries, and the logged in user does not have permissions to delete those folders. Therefore, the PXE service point fails to extract binaries because it cannot delete or access the temp folders for extracting purposes.


The workaround is to use the PXE service point for boot images only because the PXE service point is configured to allow only TFTP and WDS services to access it; this means that a regular Configuration Manager 2007 client cannot access packages. If you get this error, you need to locate the folder (it is hidden), take ownership of it, and delete it. The folder will be at %temp%/PXEBootfiles.

PXE Service Point Remote Installation Directories Are Not Removed During PXE Service Point Uninstallation

When the PXE service point is uninstalled, the PXE remote installation directory and PXEImages$ directory are not removed. If the PXE service point is then reinstalled with the remote installation directory in a new location, the PXE service point installation will fail.


To install the PXE remote installation share in a new location after uninstalling the PXE service point, you should first remove the remote installation directory and the SMSPXEImages Share.

Remote PXE Service Points Must Be Updated After Upgrading to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1

When you are upgrading a Configuration Manager 2007 site to Configuration Manager 2007 SP1with one or more PXE service points that are not on the same computer as the site server, the Wimgapi.dll file that is used by the PXE service point is not replaced with the latest version. Because the updated wimgapi.dll version is required for PXE support by Configuration Manager 2007 SP1, PXE deployments that are using the remote service point will fail.


To update the Wimgapi.dll version on the remote PXE service point, perform the following steps:

  1. On the remote PXE service point site system, stop the service named Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Server.

  2. Run the new version of the Wimpgapi.msi file. This file was distributed when the site system was upgraded during the Configuration Manager 2007 upgrade process. The Wimgapi.msi file is located at \sms \ wim \ wimgapi.msi by default. Reinstalling the wimgapi file might require you to reboot your site server.

  3. Restart the “Windows Deployment Services (WDS) Server” service if necessary.

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