Publishing the Configuration Manager 2007 default management point to DNS adds a service location resource record (SRV RR) for this site system role in the management point's DNS zone. Enabling this option would be appropriate for the following scenario:

To publish to DNS, the following two conditions must be met:

DNS publishing in Configuration Manager 2007 does not support network load balanced management points, so you should not enable DNS publishing in Configuration Manager 2007 if you are using network load balancing management points. Instead, network load balancing management points are located through Active Directory Domain Services with Configuration Manager 2007 schema extensions, WINS (with a manual entry) if the site is in mixed mode, or through a server locator point.

You can automatically publish the default management point to DNS if your DNS servers support automatic updates, or you can manually publish the default management point.

For clients to find their default management point in DNS, you must assign the clients to a specific site (rather than use auto-site assignment) and configure these clients to use the site code with the domain suffix of their management point. For more information, see How to Configure Configuration Manager Clients to Find their Management Point using DNS Publishing.

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