Boot images are similar to operating system images except that they contain the appropriate version of Windows PE rather than a full operating system. They are stored with the .WIM file name extension. These WIM files are not captured from reference computers, but are supplied and customized by the Configuration Manager administrator, or obtained from an external source.

Configuration Manager 2007 includes 2 boot images - one to support x86 platforms and one to support x64 platforms. It is recommended that you use these images unless you have specific drivers that you need to include.

Boot images are distributed to distribution points like operating system images. When deployed as a package to a Configuration Manager 2007 client, the image is copied to and booted from the hard drive of the destination computer. When deployed using bootable media, the destination computer boots from the media and loads Windows PE.

It is important that the image contain the appropriate network adapter (NIC) drivers and mass storage drivers necessary to successfully run on the destination computer.

Boot images should always be stored in a physically secure location.

Updating the boot image

You can update boot images by adding new network adapter or mass storage device drivers to it or by editing the properties associated with the boot image. Device drivers that you add to an existing boot image must be imported and enabled in the driver catalog before they can be added to a boot image. When you update a boot image, the boot image does not change any of the associated packages that the boot image references. After you make changes to a boot image, you must update the distribution points that contain a version of the boot image so that the most current version of the boot image is available.

For more information about updating a boot image, use the following link: How to Update Boot Images

To update the boot image on distribution points

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, expand Operating System Deployment and expand Boot Images.

  2. Right-click the image you need to update and click Update Distribution Points.

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