Configuration baselines in Configuration Manager 2007 contain predefined configuration items and configuration baseline rules around those configuration items. For client computers to assess their compliance with them, the configuration baselines must be assigned either directly or through another assigned configuration baseline. However, you can stop client computers from assessing their compliance with an assigned configuration baseline by disabling the configuration baseline. To start compliance evaluation again, enable the configuration baseline.

Enabling and disabling a configuration baseline increments the configuration baseline version number to reflect the status change.

To disable or enable a configuration baseline

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Computer Management / Desired Configuration Management / Configuration Baselines.

  2. Right-click the configuration baseline you want to disable or enable, and click Disable Baseline or Enable Baseline.

    You can see whether a configuration baseline is enabled or disabled with the Status column in the Configuration Baseline home page, which will display either Enabled or Disabled. You must refresh the Configuration Baseline node after enabling or disabling a configuration baseline for the Status to change.

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