Use the New Dashboard Wizard in Configuration Manager 2007 to create a new dashboard, which displays multiple reports on a single page. You can create dashboards to monitor information about related hardware or software or to group the reports you use most frequently. The user creating a dashboard must have Read permission for the Reports security object class to add reports to the dashboard.

The New Dashboard Wizard contains the pages and associated elements as described in the following table.

Name Description


Configure the following settings for the dashboard:

  • Name: Specifies the name for the dashboard. This setting is required and must be unique.

  • Comment: Specifies the description for the dashboard. This setting is optional.

  • Limit cell height: Specifies whether to limit the height of the dashboard display. When this element is selected, type the maximum height, in pixels, in the Height text box. The default value is 250.


Configure the following settings for the dashboard:

  • Dashboard dimensions: Specifies the dimensions for the dashboard in rows and columns. By default, the dashboard is made of two rows and two columns. When the dimensions are modified, click Set to change the number of positions listed in the Dashboard reports section.

  • Dashboard reports: Specifies the reports that will be displayed at the given position in the dashboard. The positions are identified by the row and column combination.

    • To add a report to a position, double-click anywhere on the row for the position or select a position. Click the Select Report icon, select a report from the Select Report dialog box, and then click OK. When there are no reports defined for a position, the Report column displays -Blank-. For more information, see How to Add Reports to a Dashboard.

    • To remove a report from a position, add the -Blank- report to the position. To remove groups of reports from a dashboard, the dimensions can be modified. For more information, see How to Remove Reports from a Dashboard.

    • Use the Move Up and Move Down icons to change the dashboard position for a highlighted report.


Provides information about the progress for creating the report.


Provides a confirmation that the report was created successfully. When the wizard fails to create a report, an error will display on this page.

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