Use the Configuration Manager 2007 Find Status Message dialog box to find the next message in Status Message Viewer that meets the criteria you specify. The search starts from the currently selected message (or the last message in a multiple selection). Only the status messages which are currently displayed in the status message viewer window are searched.

This dialog box contains the following elements:


Specifies the search criteria. Matches are made by string comparisons in the corresponding status message fields except Severity and Type. The asterisk (*) wildcard character is allowed in all fields and is especially useful in the Description field. Without wildcards, you would have to type the complete description to get a match.An empty field matches all status message values for that field.

Specifies the severity of the message to find from the drop-down list. The following items are available:
  • <Any>

  • Information

  • Warning

  • Error

The default value is <Any>.

Specifies the type of message to find from the drop-down list. The following items are available:
  • Any

  • Milestone

  • Detail

  • Audit

The default value is <Any>.
Site code

Specifies the Configuration Manager 2007 site code of the site where the status message was generated.

Specifies the component that generated the status message (for example, SMS_SCHEDULER).

Specifies the name of the computer that generated the status message.
Message ID

Specifies the status message ID you want to find.

Specifies the text of the status message you want to find. You can use the asterisk wildcard for partial matches (for example, "updat*" matches any message with "update", "updated", or "updating" in its description).

Specifies the direction in which to search when Find Next is clicked.

Searches up from the current message.

Searches down from the current message.

Searches down from the first message.

Opens the Advanced Find Options dialog box, which enables you to specify additional search criteria.
Find Next

Finds the next status message that matches all the criteria (uses the direction specified in the Search box).
Clear All

Resets all fields.

Exits the dialog box without saving any changes.

Opens the help topic for this tab of the dialog box.

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