Topic last updated -- November 2007

Use the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Import Object Wizard to import the following object types:

The wizard always imports the objects to the right node, regardless where you ran the wizard from. For example, if you run the wizard from the Reports node but are importing a .mof file that contains collections objects, you create collections objects under the Collections node and not the Reports node.

Usually you import a .mof file that was previously exported using the Export Object Wizard, but you could also write your own .mof, or modify a .mof that was previously exported.

Collections, packages, and site settings can also be transferred or imported using the Transfer Site Settings Wizard.

To import the objects, you must have Create rights for the object classes you want to import.

You should verify that the object names you are importing are unique. For reports, if the object name already exists, the imported object overwrites the existing object. For queries and collections, if the object name already exists in the site, you create a new object with the same name but with a different object ID, which could be confusing. If you have duplicate names, change the object name in the object properties.

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