Use the task sequence variable condition to check for the existence of a task sequence variable or to compare the value of that variable. The value of the variable must match the value entered in the task sequence variable condition for the condition to evaluate as true.

The following settings can be configured for the task sequence variable condition:


The name of the task sequence variable. This is a required field.

The operator that Configuration Manager 2007 will use when evaluating the value of the variable. The default condition is equals. There are eight operators:
  • Exists

  • Not Exists

  • Equals

  • Not equals

  • Greater than

  • Greater than or equals

  • Less than

  • Less than or equals

    The condition exists is used to evaluate whether the named task sequence variable is a valid variable.

The value that the variable must match to evaluate as a success. This is a required field unless exists is selected as a condition. If you select exists as a condition, this field is disabled.
This option uses a case-sensitive string comparison unless both the value of the variable and the comparison value are integers, in which case a numeric comparison is performed

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