Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device client deployment and configuration is defined by one of two .ini files, DMCommonInstaller.ini or ClientSettings.ini. The settings in the .ini file define the behavior of the client deployment process, including the following behaviors:

For a complete list of the settings in ClientSettings.ini and DMCommonInstaller.ini, see Mobile Device Client Configuration Values for DMCommonInstaller.ini and ClientSettings.ini.

The type of configuration process depends upon the client package transfer method as follows:

Client transfer method Configuration .ini file type

Via synchronization with a Configuration Manager 2007 computer


Manually via digital memory card or other method


Over the air upgrade


Manually via synchronization with a desktop computer


ClientSetting.ini files are mobile device platform specific. Because administrators cannot know the mobile device platform type when remotely deploying the mobile device client that synchronizes with a Configuration Manager 2007 computer, DMCommonInstaller.ini must be used. DMCommonInstaller.ini allows the mobile device client to be installed on any supported mobile device platforms that synchronize with a Configuration Manager 2007 computer client.

Sample DMCommonInstaller.ini and ClientSetting.ini files are installed on <InstallationFolder> \ DeviceClientDeployment \ ClientTransfer on Configuration Manager 2007 site servers.

For more information about creating mobile device client deployment packages, see How to Install or Upgrade the Mobile Device Management Client.

The sample .ini file cannot be used without being edited. The file must be modified for your environment.

In This Section

How to Edit the DMCommonInstaller.ini File for Mobile Device Management

Provides the steps to configure the DMCommonInstaller.ini file. The DMCommonInstaller.ini file is used for installing the mobile device client on mobile devices that dock with Configuration Manager 2007 client computers or for over-the-air upgrades.
How to Edit the ClientSettings.ini File for Mobile Device Management

Provides the steps to configure the ClientSettings.ini file. The ClientSettings.ini file is used to manually install the Configuration Manager 2007 mobile device client or to upgrade mobile devices over the air.

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