Use this tab to refine the results of a Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 query.


Displays the criteria expression, with one criterion per line and nested terms indented. You can use this table to view, add, modify, or delete query criteria. Also, you can change the order of the criteria, group elements in a criteria statement, and modify query operators.
New button

Click to open the General tab in the Criterion Properties dialog box, which you can use to add a new query criterion. If the Criteria table is not empty, the criterion will be included with the currently selected expression. If nothing is selected, the criterion will not be included with the last expression in the table.
Modify button

Click to open the General tab in the Criterion Properties dialog box, which you can use to modify the properties of a query criterion.
Delete button

Click to remove the selected criterion from the query criteria.
If you select only a portion of a clause in a query that has multiple clauses, the Delete button is disabled. Select the entire clause.
Group button

Click to group the selected elements of the query statement. Group Parentheses are inserted around the selected statement.
When you reopen a query, the parentheses disappear. However, the query's behavior remains the same; click Show Query Language to see that the parentheses are still in the actual WBEM Query Language (WQL) statement.
Ungroup button

Click to ungroup the selected elements of the query statement. The group parentheses are removed from the selected statement. Also, you can select and remove a single group parenthesis, and the matching group parenthesis will also be removed.
There are two ways to remove invisible parentheses:
  • Click Show Query Language, and then edit the WQL statement.

  • Click the group button to add the parentheses again, and then remove them by clicking the ungroup button again.

Change operator button

Click to change a selected OR in the criteria to an AND, and vice versa. For more information about logical operators, see About Logical Operators.
NOT button

Click to add a NOT operator to the query criteria. You must select the elements of the query statement to which you want to apply this operator. The selected portion of the query statement that is enclosed in group parentheses and the NOT operator are added to the preceding line. You can also use this button to remove a selected NOT operator (the group parentheses are removed automatically).
Show Query Language

Opens the Query Statements dialog box to display the query in the Query Language view. You can work in the Query Language view to compose or edit a query manually by using WQL commands.

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