Configuration Manager 2007 allows you to host Configuration Manager site system services in a dedicated virtual Web site instead of sharing the default Web site on computers hosting site systems that require Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) to be configured for client communication. This provides the ability to share the IIS services with applications such as Microsoft Windows® SharePoint® Services or other Web sites hosted by Configuration Manager 2007 site systems.

Using Configuration Manager site systems to run additional applications increases the attack surface on those site systems and is not recommended. The best practice for Configuration Manager site systems requiring IIS is to use a server solely dedicated to providing Configuration Manager services.

Using a custom Web site might be a requirement if you are running native mode, which exclusively requires https communication, and have site systems requiring IIS to be configured so that the default Web site still responds to http communications.

Configuring the use of a custom Web site for client communication is a site-wide setting. When the use of a custom Web site is enabled for a site, all client communications within the site will be directed to the custom Web site of site systems instead of the default Web site in IIS.

Because secondary sites inherit custom Web site settings from their parent sites, configuring a custom Web site at a site with secondary child sites requires custom Web site creation for each attached secondary site.

Before enabling the use of a custom Web site for client communication in the Configuration Manager console, you must manually create a custom Web site named SMSWEB on all site systems that require Internet Information Services (IIS) in the site. For information about which site systems require IIS, see Configuration Manager Supported Configurations.

The custom Web site must be configured to respond to the same port configured for Configuration Manager client communication.

If you choose to enable the use of a custom Web site for your site, it is recommended that you implement the use of a custom Web site at every site within the hierarchy to support client roaming within the hierarchy.

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