Topic last updated—March 2008

A default management point is required for sites supporting intranet clients, or both intranet- and Internet-based clients. Sites supporting only Internet-based clients do not require a management point to be set as default.

Before beginning this procedure, the management point site system role must be installed on one or more site systems for the site. For more information about adding site system roles to Configuration Manager 2007 site systems, see How to Add New Site System Roles.

You must download, install, and configure WebDAV manually on management points running Windows Server 2008. For more information, see How to Configure Windows Server 2008 for Site Systems.

To configure the default management for a site

  1. In the Configuration Manager console, navigate to System Center Configuration Manager / Site Database / Site Management / <site name> / Site Settings / Component Configuration.

  2. Right-click Management Point, and then click Properties.

  3. If the default management point for the site will be a standard site system, click Management Point, and then select an available management point site system from the Server name list.

  4. If the default management point for the site will be an NLB clustered management point, click Network Load Balancing cluster virtual server and configure the IP Address or FQDN information for the NLB cluster configuration.

    When configuring a network load balancing cluster as the default management point for a site in native mode, you must configure the FQDN properties. If an NLB cluster will be the default management point for a site in mixed mode, you must register a Service Principal Name (SPN) in Active Directory Domain Services. For more information about configuring the SPN for a default management point NLB cluster for sites operating in mixed mode, see How to Configure an SPN for NLB Management Point Site Systems.
  5. Click OK to save configuration changes and close the management point properties.

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