Configuration Manager 2007 inventories hardware information about clients based on the contents of two Managed Object Format (MOF) files stored on the primary site server in the <ConfigMgr install directory>\inboxes\clifiles.src\hinv directory. The two MOF files used by hardware inventory processes are the Configuration.mof and SMS_def.mof MOF files.

About the Configuration.mof File

The Configuration.mof file is used to define the data classes to be inventoried by the hardware inventory client agent. Data classes can be created to inventory existing or custom WMI repository data classes or registry keys present on client systems.

The Configuration.mof also defines and registers the WMI providers used to access computer information during hardware inventory. Registering providers defines the type of provider to be used and the classes that the provider supports. WMI, and Configuration Manager 2007 hardware inventory can only access registered providers.

The Configuration.mof file cannot be used to register new providers on Configuration Manager 2007 clients. New or custom providers must be manually compiled by clients before attempting to inventory data that relies on the new provider.

When Configuration Manager 2007 clients request computer policies as part of their normal policy polling interval, the Configuration.mof is attached to the policy body downloaded and compiled by clients. When data classes are added, modified, or deleted from the Configuration.mof, clients automatically compile changes made to inventory related data classes the next time the client compiles a requested computer policy. No further action is necessary to inventory new or modified data classes on Configuration Manager 2007 clients.

About the SMS_def.mof File

The SMS_def.mof file defines the reporting classes used by the hardware inventory client agent to determine whether or not specific client data class information is reported. Reporting classes are based on the WMI repository data classes, and attributes of those classes, existing on clients by default or added to them by customizing the Configuration.mof file.

Reporting class information in the SMS_def.mof file is converted into a reporting policy provided to clients during their normal computer policy polling interval. After the client compiles the new reporting policy, the reporting policy information is stored in the client system WMI repository in the InventoryDataItem class of the Root\CCM\Policy\Machine WMI namespace.

Unlike the Configuration.mof file, the SMS_def.mof file is never directly sent to clients. Only the policy generated by the contents of the SMS_def.mof is actually compiled by Configuration Manager 2007 clients.

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