Use this task sequence condition to evaluate whether the target computer is running a specified processor architecture, operating system, and version.

Select one or more operating system platforms from the list. Each platform option represents a processor architecture, operating system and version, for example: "x86 Windows Server 2003 SP1". Operating system platforms can also represent a version range, such as "All x86 Windows XP" which corresponds to any version of the Windows XP operating system for computers with the x86 chip architecture.

For example, if you select All x86 Vista and you also select x86 Windows XP Professional SP2, Configuration Manager 2007 will evaluate whether the target computer is running Windows Vista with an x86 architecture, including the original release or any service pack release, or if the target computer is running Windows XP Professional Service Pack 2 with an x86 architecture.

Name Description


Saves the operating system version selection.


Closes the dialog box without saving any changes.

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