The active software update point in Configuration Manager 2007 is a required component of software updates and is installed as a site system role in the Configuration Manager console. The software update point site system role must be created on a server that has Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) 3.0 installed. The software update point interacts with the WSUS services to configure update settings, request synchronization to the upstream update server, and synchronize the updates from the WSUS database to the site server database. Before software updates can be deployed to client computers, the active software update point must be installed, configured, and synchronized.

The following flowchart provides a visual workflow for the steps necessary to configure the active software update point in a mixed mode site, and the links at the end of this document provide detailed information about each process. For a complete list of the steps shown in this workflow and links to the detailed information about each step, see Administrator Checklist: Configuring the Software Update Point in a Mixed Mode Site.

Configure the Software Update Admin Workflow mixed

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