The primary site server and the Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 site database can reside on different computers on your network configured with different languages, provided they use the same code page. If your primary site server has DBCS child sites or clients, remember that SQL Server 2005 or later supports both single-byte and double-byte character sets. All characters from the 22 potential client languages (including the ENU client) can be stored in the Configuration Manager 2007 site database.

Language Versions

You can use the English-language version of SQL Server 2005 or later with the default 1252 code page with any Configuration Manager 2007 site server language version or you can pair local-language versions of SQL Server with a matching localized version of Configuration Manager 2007. For example, a Configuration Manager 2007 administrator in Bonn can use a German-language Configuration Manager 2007 site server with either a German-language or an English-language version of SQL Server.

Mixed-Language Data

If your database contains mixed-language data, you are limited to a single sort order. You select the sort order during SQL Server setup. For more information, see your SQL Server product documentation.

SQL Server Code Pages

All sites within a single-language hierarchy must use the same SQL Server code page. This is because default collections are unreadable at child sites if the child sites use different code pages than their parent site.

All sites within a multilingual hierarchy must use either ANSI 1252 or ISO 8859-1 code page because all Configuration Manager 2007 server and ICP languages can use each.