First introduced in SMS 2003 SP3, Asset Intelligence has been enhanced significantly in Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007. New reports have been added to the Asset Intelligence Hardware, Software, and License Management categories.

In addition to tracking installed software, auto-start software, and browser helper objects, new software reports provide information about recently used executables. As well as the hardware reports that track USB devices, processor age, and readiness for upgrade, new reports identify computers that have software or hardware changes since the last inventory cycle. New Client Access License reports, added to the existing License Ledger reports, complete the ability to compare license usage with Microsoft License Statements.

License Management Reports

Nine new license management reports have been added, providing the means to track Client Access Licenses (CAL) in addition to the existing volume license reports. One of these new reports identifies the number of processors in computers running software that can be licensed using the per-processor licensing model. The remaining 8 new reports identify User CAL usage and Device CAL usage summaries, details, and history.

For more information, see License Management Reports.

Hardware Reports

Three new hardware reports help identify computers that have changed since the last inventory cycle. The changes identified in these reports include both hardware and software changes.

For more information, see Hardware Reports.

Software Reports

Six new software reports extend previous inventory capabilities by adding software metering. These new reports identify recently used executables, which users ran them, and the devices on which the executables were run.

For more information, see Software Reports.